Really strong melodies and a great sound ” - Rufus Wainwright

Presley River

Presley River is a singer/songwriter, producer and guitar player who first gained notoriety with his single “Right Where I Want You” after being played on KCRW’s Jason Kramer tastemaker. Presley followed that up with a 15-song album that he wrote and produced. The self-titled album was featured on Spotify’s fresh finds, fresh finds folk, KCRW 89.9, and WFNM 89.1. Presley was born and raised in a small town in Oklahoma where at the age of seven he began playing the guitar and writing songs. When he turned 18 he finally made the move to NYC where he started working in the arts and developing his talents. Since his start in 2019, Presley has gone on to write and produce two full-length albums, release four music videos, and tour North America and Europe. Presley has been highly praised by his peers for his unique sound and authentic approach. Rufus Wainwright has been quoted for remarking on Presley’s “beautiful melodies’. The latest offering from Presley is a stripped-down acoustic rock album that was recorded in Tulsa, Oklahoma with legendary local musicians such as David Teegarden from Bob Seger’s Silver Bullet Band. 

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A New York based artist who's music is marvelous ” - Vanity Teen Magazine

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